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User Reviews


"I have played 6 rounds with the same tee. I love it!"
Brad Groeschel

“I'm still hacking away at the tees with still no breakage. Cool!"
Sergio V. San Luis Obispo, CA

Improve your Game

"I have played with the Twist-Tee and it works great! For the past two years I have used the brush tee. This tee is much better. It keeps a consistent height, is very easy to place the ball compared to the brush tee, and is virtually indestructible. I also like the fact that I can vary the height by just twisting it. It is colorful enough that it is very hard to lose. Great Product!"
Randy Lueder (-2 handicap)

"The Twist Tee allowed me to maintain my tempo since the ball was positioned at the same height for each drive."

Adjustable Height

"The first time I used the Twist-Tee, the hole - a long par 5, dictated a high draw in order to clear some trees and have a realistic shot of reaching the green in two. I simply twisted the tee to make it little longer, swung and cleared the trees with ease! I hit the green in two and two putted for an easy birdie thanks to this tee! What a great way to start my round! I am still playing with the same tee after four rounds."
Eric Gitter Head Golf Professional Currie Park Golf Course Wauwatosa, WI

"The Twist-Tee makes driver and wood fittings easier because of the adjustable tee height. It eliminates one more variable, which makes the clubfit that much more accurate."
Brian Jankowski Teaching Professional GolfTEC

"I just played with the pink Twisttee...love it. Absolutely love it!"
Lori P.