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About Us

founder.jpgRichard Cheng is a passionate golfer and longtime instructor.

In the late 80’s and 90’s, he sold Arnold Palmer golf clubs, apparel, balls and accessories to Australia and New Zealand as well as Jack Nicklaus apparel in Taiwan.

He also spent over 12 years teaching golf in Australia and New Zealand and 2 years in Spain.

He realized the importance of consistent tee height for all golfers and that everyone’s ideal ball height varied tremendously. TwistTee solves that problem.

founder2.jpg Mike Radtke is a marketing guy who enjoys golf and beer.

Mike has been working as a manufacturer’s rep for Taiwanese companies for over a dozen years. Mike and Richard’s friendship developed many years ago when they were introduced through a mutual friend, Peter Yarng. Mike and Richard have been working together on the TwistTee product since 2007. Mike is in charge of North American marketing and sales, while Richard spearheaded the manufacturing relationship and fulfillment aspects. In addition to TwistTee, Mike and Richard continue to work on more innovative Golf products to be introduced in the near future. Their goal, of course, is to eventually spend their days on the links.